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Laser Hair Removal

Which kind of laser beam is best for hair removal?

All of us, men and women, want to remove that horrible, nasty, and undesired hair. But, which laser Beam is the best? 

Laser Hair Removal Chicago
Laser Hair Removal in Chicago ​


Keep reading, the best medical spa in Chicago brings some alternatives to choose the onale that is right for you.


This has a short wavelength system. If you compared it to other kind of lasers systems, alexandrite can treat  larger areas of skin in less time.

This system is very effective and safe, and ur is ideal for people with light skin. 


This hair removal laser system is ideal for those who has fair skin and very light hair. This covers smaller areas of the skin at a time. So, it is kind of time-consuming. 


This is one of the newest. It is specially designed for medium-toned skin. This has the longest wavelength of light. This characteristic reduces the risk of skin damage. This system can treat lo her areas of the skin quickly.

Nd and LD Nd

This is the best alternative for darker skin. However this requires more treatments for obtaining at least similar than the previous ones.

Can be also more painful and it is not effective enough for fine hair.

Advantage able to destroy hey faster and better due to its wavelength.

Both men and women can have a laser hair removal  treatment. To select the best laser Beam for you it is recommendable to visit the best laser hair removal in Chicago. These professional people can help you to decide better dependent on your hair and your skin type.

It is important to mention that all the previous systems above are FDA-approved so they are safe for you. Give us a Like on Facebook and learn more about Hair removal therapy