Why is lip augmentation so popular?

Although there are still aesthetic surgeries, these have decreased in recent years. The reality is that there are non-surgical procedures that are taking popularity due to their advantages. One of those procedures is  Lip Augmentation Chicago. But, why is lip augmentation so popular?

Multiple studies have shown that from the age of 27 the body reduces the production of Hyaluronic Acid. The amount is impressive. You stop producing up to 60% of HA. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of having dry skin and premature marks. This situation increases over the years. 

Years ago, a lot of people thought twice before getting Lip Injections or Lip Fillers. If we think about past procedures the majority of them used to be surgical and most of the time a bit dangerous. However, these days, surgical is something we rarely hear when it comes to getting Lip Injections in Chicago. With a lot of FDA-approved brands like Juvederm or even Allergan there are now safer options for you. Lip Fillers Chicago has become one of the most searched terms in the last few years. First of all because when it comes to Medical Spa in Chicago you can find the best ones in the city. Also, because a lot of procedures have become more accessible and easier to get and pay for everyone. Lip Fillers Chicago will continue to be famous and with good reason. Price, safety and beauty

The lips are the first to suffer from this lack of HA. This is why one of the most popular treatments today is Lip fillers Chicago.  This is because of its immediate results and almost no reaction.

Lip Fillers Chicago  is not a recent treatment. For many years, people have used  lip augmentation as a non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

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The most used

Currently hyaluronic acid fillers are the most common ones. This is an injectable material similar to a gel.  It is used for cosmetic procedures, and to smooth out wrinkles, recover volume, and lift the skin.

The popularity of this treatment lies in that it is simple to apply. Also,  it is a very safe treatment as they are using materials approved by the FDA. Fortunately, this treatment has no downtime. So,  you can easily return to your routine activities.

Moreover, Hyaluronic acid degrades to 100% in the body after 6 to 9 months. Also, you can “erase” HA with a special enzyme if you are not satisfied with the result.

The procedure

Injection is almost painless. However, specialists usually use different types of local anesthetics. Some patients are more sensitive than others. Take into account you have to talk to your doctor before getting any procedure.

Men & Women Lip Fillers

This treatment is suitable for everyone. At first it was only for women. But as the years go by, more and more men are joining in to perfect their attributes.

The treatment consists of a series of HA injections in specific areas of the lips. For example, Cupid’s bow, lower lip and corners. The results appear almost instantly. It only takes a couple of hours for the discomfort of the bites to pass. Also, during this time the substance melts into the soft tissue. The result is better looking lips, without marks and with more volume.

Best Lip Filler Professionals

It is worth mentioning that you need a specialist to do the procedure. Only experts know how to respect the natural shape of the mouth and not to modify it. In addition, we seek to avoid bruises, reactions or discomfort. On the other hand, in case you don’t like the results, you can return to normal with a series of hyaluronidase injections.  This is a natural enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid.

Our products are number one on the market. They are also approved by the FDA.  We are highly experienced professionals. We really wish you success in your lip augmentation. So that, remember you need a trained and responsible staff to keep and enhance your natural beauty. Expertise makes the difference when you want To Get Natural Looking Lip Fillers.

The side effects

This treatment does not have great complications. But, some people may present redness or swelling. The best thing to do is to ask your doctor before getting any treatment.

The most important thing to consider before undergoing any treatment on your skin is to visit a spa in Chicago. The place you attend needs to have all the necessary credentials. In addition,  check that the products are approved by the FDA. Remember that your skin is important. If you are ready to use the lip augmentation visit our spa in Chicago.