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Surgical and nonsurgical options to plump up your lips

This is the season where we should indulge ourselves more than ever. From the age of 27, although we are still young, our body begins to stop producing 60% of hyaluronic acid. This brings as a consequence the appearance of certain wrinkles. Besides, the lack of elasticity of our skin. Then, taking advantage of the opportunity of the holidays, we can use procedures that help us to highlight our natural beauty. One of these procedures is lip augmentation. Many of us want to look like Kylie Jenner’s lips. However, it is necessary to be cautious and informed before opting for any type of method. That is why today we want to show you Surgical and nonsurgical options to plump up your lips.

Lip augmentation without surgery

Lip augmentation is very popular today, especially the non-surgical methods. But what are the methods and why is lip augmentation so popular

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most widely used options today. This is a very promising special substance. This type of Lip Filler Chicago offers durable options in relation to the passage of time. The truth is that we all have hyaluronic acid in our skin. That is why it is also one of the most feasible options for lip augmentation. This type of Lip Injections in Chicago makes lips look completely natural.


Collagen is also a popular choice. However, the result is temporary and decreases over time. On the other hand the filling material used is human collagen or bovine collagen. In general the effect can last about 6 months and at most a whole year.

Surgical method lip augmentation operation

Lip surgery is a simple aesthetic intervention that provides the lips with volume and sensuality. Face will look beautiful and rejuvenate. The surgery is minimally invasive and you will need local anesthesia. This type of surgery is popular to increase or decrease the volume of the lips. Also to correct congenital or acquired anatomical alterations.

Fat Grafting

In this procedure,  doctors use fat accumulations  from the cheeks. Then they are placed on the lips. This gives a natural, young and fresh look.

Tissue grafting

Not only can fat be grafted onto your lips. We can also graft your own tissue.

That is, doctors use a piece of your own skin or dermis.  The process consists of removing skin from the lower stomach area. This is then surgically placed on your lips.It is important to remember that all procedures, especially surgical ones, can have problems. Our main recommendation is that you ask professionals. Elite Chicago Spa, offers professional advice to get natural looking lip fillers. Schedule your virtual consultation Today!