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Common Lipolaser Questions

We know that laser liposuction is still a very new topic. We do not know much about the treatment. We know that you have thousands of questions. And here we are to answer each one of the doubts. So, keep reading this article to learn about Common Lipolaser Questions. 

1. What is lipo-laser?

Of the most frequently asked questions, we will leave the most common one in the first place. We often do not know what this treatment is or what it consists of. Well, laser lipo is the latest innovation in aesthetic medicine. It used for fat removal. The results are incredible. Best of all, no hospital stay is necessary after the procedure.
This treatment works because the laser has the ability to dissolve and liquefy fat in a localized manner. That is, in very specific areas of the body. It makes the fat come out of that place without damaging any tissue. Besides, the recovery is speedy.

Common Lipolaser Questions

This procedure has many advantages. It is really a very good option. As mentioned above, it does not cause tissue damage. Also, thanks to the fact that the heat of the laser generates collagen, too to end fat, the skin reaffirmed.

Common Lipolaser Questions

2. Does it help to lose weight?

The concrete answer is no. Laser lipo can remove fat, but it is not a slimming treatment. Of course, when you lose fat, you can lose weight. But, this is not the goal or function of treatment. Its goal is to combat clusters of localized fat.

3. What is better: laser lipo or liposuction?

The aim of the treatments is the same: to drop fat. What changed your results? Thanks to the fact that laser lipo is a modern technique, it can prove that it is capable of eliminating localized fat more precisely. Also, this treatment allows fat to removed from more specific areas of the body.

4. Who is an ideal candidate for this treatment?

Anyone who wants to get rid of the accumulated fat in their body can do it. It doesn’t matter if they are small or large clusters. There are really few contraindications to performing this treatment. There are certain pathologies that you should mention to your doctor. All cases analyzed personally by a specialist. This way, you can know if you can undergo the intervention.
Common Lipolaser Questions

Common Lipolaser Questions

5. How is the lipolaser operation performed?

It done through microincisions in the area totreated. Through which the laser instruments inserted. The vibration and heat generated by it are responsible for destroying the adipose tissue. Without damaging the rest of the surrounding tissues. Once the accumulations have been so dissolved. The liquefied fat absorbed through the cannulas connected to the instruments.

6. Does the lipolaser must admission to the hospital?

Hospital admission is not necessary. On the same day of the intervention, after the necessary observation time, the patient is discharged and can go home.