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Unknown CoolSculpting Facts

In recent years, fat-reduction procedures have gained tremendous popularity. Even more, those that are non-invasive procedures. The market has expanded thanks to the variety of options. Offered by aesthetic clinics. It considered one of the most important advances. As with all aesthetic treatments. It is important to know and understand everything about them. You must know if you are suitable for the procedure and others. Unknown Facts About Coolsculptin Facts  presented here
Perhaps we have mentioned it in some articles. But, it is important that we are clear that this treatment is one that has more advantages. US Food and Drug Administration approval. It means that the procedure. Has been widely approved and evaluated by many clinical studies. And that finally, the FDA approved its use.
CoolSculpting Facts

Unknown CoolSculpting Facts

2. It can be applied in 9 areas.

As we mentioned before, the FDA has managed. To recognize the benefits of this treatment and has approved its use in 9 different areas of the body.
• abdomen
• Muscles
• Under the buttock
• Jaw
• flanks
• The upper part of the arm
• Arms
• Waist
• Legs
At Elite Chicago Spa, we can analyze your areas. To treated so you can know exactly if it is possible to carry out the treatment.

3. Non-invasive therapy

Most of the people who want to reduce their fat do so. They want to do it with a procedure that has benefits, like Coolsculpting. It is non-surgical and non-invasive.
This is thanks to the fact that the applicator. Connected to the Coolsculpting machine, which makes it stick to the skin in a superficial way. No need for injections or anesthesia.
Unknown Facts of coolsculpting

4. It does not damage healthy tissue.

With the proven science behind CoolSculpting, patients. Are at ease knowing that the treatment. Designed to specifically target fat cells, which. Is why it will not affect or damage any healthy skin or tissue.

Unknown CoolSculpting Facts

5. Lose fat rather than weight.

This treatment has the possibility of showing the best results that are visible. But it is important to note that the procedure designed to lose fat, not weight. That is why overweight people cannot have access to this treatment.
Your weight before treatment should balanced. Unless you have maintained the same weight in the last 6 months. So the results are much more visible.
unknown coolsculpting facts

Unknown CoolSculpting Facts

These are some of the facts that you may not have known about the Coolsculpting treatment. If you want more information about this treatment. Do not hesitate to call us and have your hotline available. We recommend you visit our blog and read all about fat reduction treatments.