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Post-Pregnancy Coolsculpting

We know that during and after pregnancy, the body of a woman undergoes an immensity of changes. It is prevalent for women after pregnancy to want to change their bodies. Here we are going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions. About the treatments that a woman who has given birth may or may not undergo. So keep reading about Post-Pregnancy Coolsculpting


This treatment is one of the most innovative technologies. Cryolysis, which based on the application of controlled cold to the body. This done to drop localized fat from the body.
The cold fulfills the function of crystallizing the fat cells that are under the skin. This happens without affecting any other tissue. The adipocytes disintegrate and are then completely eliminated from the lymphatic system, naturally. The results begin to noticed after one or three months from the first session.
This treatment authorized by the FDA. It recommended for people between 25 and 45 years old who have localized fat deposits. And those who want to improve their figure, with an adequate technique to shape the figure.


This treatment performed using a technique that placed with an applicator. Besides, with a gel pad in the area of ​​the body to treated. What the applicator does is suck out the fatty tissue. After that, controlled cold applied to the fat cells.
This technique can be used to drop localized fat in places of the body, such as:
• Legs
• abdomen
• Around the sternum
• Under the buttocks

The Advantages of Coolsculpting

This is one of the treatments with the most advanced technologies of all. Some of the most outstanding advantages of this treatment are
• Does not cause surgery
• No needles
• There was no anesthesia used.
• There is no need for recovery.

Post-Pregnancy Coolsculpting

During pregnancy, the body accumulates more fat than usual. For this reason, although the kilograms gained. During pregnancy usually end up in the lower abdomen. They can also leave fat deposits on the hips, thighs, and even the back.
After the quarantine is over. You can start doing light exercise (be careful not to strain your pelvic floor). But, dieting is not recommended when the baby. Is only breastfeeding because breastfeeding is a strain on the mother’s body. And breastfeeding helps with weight loss because. The body uses stored fat to produce breast milk during pregnancy.
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Post-Pregnancy Coolsculpting

But, CoolSculpting can used if breastfeeding. Is prolonged (most women breastfeed for more than six months these days). And there are still localized fat deposits.
Studies show that cryolipolysis is compatible. And presents the least risk for breastfeeding and the baby. Because it does not alter the body’s metabolism. Has a low percentage of side effects, and is safer than liposuction.But, it also states that it should not applied to the breast during lactation.