3 Facial Massage Techniques You Need To Know!

3 Facial Massage Techniques You Need To Know!

3 Facial Massage Techniques You Need To Know!

Face massages have gained popularity recently, more people are becoming aware of their benefits. The three main facial massage techniques are:
Face Lifting Massage, Self Massage for Lymphatic Drainage and Self Facial Acupressure.
Let’s learn how to do them.

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Face Lifting Massage

One of its main benefits is that it stimulates circulation. Thus reducing wrinkles and expression lines. In addition, it relaxes muscles, relieves tension, and softens facial features. Resulting in a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

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How to perform this facial massage technique?

Self Massage For Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymph nodes are – quite simply – responsible for fighting infections. And, filtering out harmful substances to keep you healthy. You have hundreds of lymph nodes in your body. This includes behind your ears, under your jaw, and between your nose and cheeks. Practicing lymphatic drainage massage on the face – the right way – will help stimulate the movement of fluids. To eliminate facial puffiness and make the skin look better and more toned.

How to perform this facial massage technique?

Self Facial Acupressure

When we are in front of a computer all day or lose focus in our gaze often, it means that our eye muscles are tense and tired. This can lead to the formation of fine expression lines in the outer corners of the eyes. Acupressure (an ancient Chinese healing method) involves applying pressure to relieve tension. And, in this case, relax the eye muscles to prevent wrinkles from forming.

How to perform this facial massage technique?

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