You are currently viewing Skincare For Weather Changes: Tips For Health Care

Skincare For Weather Changes: Tips For Health Care

Skincare For Weather Changes: Tips For Health Care

Climate change is a difficult time for the skin. Cold, humidity and heating can cause dryness and dehydration on the face. That is why it is important to know how the skin behaves during this season. In order to take care of it and protect it properly. Here are 4 tips for skincare for weather changes.

breaked lips need skincare for weather changes

Lips are affected during winter

Lips become chapped and dry during the cold season, which can cause quite painful lesions. We recommend using a good lip balm that contains soothing and repairing properties. As a result, it keeps lips moisturized during the day.

Never forget your sunscreen

Even if you do not leave the house, it is cloudy or raining. You should always use sunscreen to protect the skin from temperature changes. The World Health Organization says radiation causes damage to the DNA of cells. Consequently, leaving damage that accumulates over time. In addition, the absence of sunscreen in the routine accelerates aging and causes blemishes.
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sunscreen for skincare during weather change
hyaluronic for skincare during weather change

Ceramides, hyaluronic acid and panthenol help a lot.

It is essential to comply with the three steps of a basic facial routine. Cleanse, moisturize and protect. We do not recommend moving directly to another product. For example, serum, if the order is not followed, can lead to an imbalance in the skin.
During the winter, it is advisable to have a facial routine with ingredients that help keep the face protected and hydrated from low temperatures. The best are ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol.

Exfoliates the skin thoroughly

This season is the best for peeling, treating blemishes, and evening out skin tone, among other things. Exfoliate the skin as often as possible. This is because the protective barrier can be damaged even more. The important thing is to exfoliate thoroughly, according to the requirements of the skin and with the method that suits you best.
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