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Best Type of Anesthesia for Laser Liposuction

Best Type of Anesthesia for Laser Liposuction

One of the topics that can cause more doubts is It is the use of anesthesia. It may seem like a complex issue, and it really is. This type of decision must always be made with the help of a professional. Many times, patients are afraid to use local anesthesia or general anesthesia. But there are more types of anesthesia. So keep reading about what may be the best type of anesthesia for laser liposuction.

Anesthesia what is it

What is anesthesia?

Anesthesia is one of the greatest discoveries. The history of medicine, allows us to establish optimal conditions. To perform surgery, balancing it as painless as possible.

Patient safety, and favoring a rapid postoperative recovery. To achieve these objectives, a series of techniques. Are combined according to the factors that interfere at each stage. Of the surgical intervention.

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Types of anesthesia

•Local anesthesia: The procedure only desensitizes the area where the procedure. Will performed without changing the level of consciousness.
Regional Anesthesia: Consists of the application. Of anesthetic drugs to block groups of nerves or areas of the spinal cord. With the aim of eliminating pain in specific parts of the body (legs, lower abdomen, arm, etc. ). In this type of anesthesia.
The patient remains awake or slightly sedated without pain. So the patient is calmer, more relaxed. And sometimes even asleep during the intervention.
Types of anesthesia

Other Types

• Sedation: The main goal is to achieve a balance of comfort and safety. Allowing the patient to remain calm and deeply relaxed even while falling asleep.

•General anesthesia It uses a combination of inhaled gas and intravenously administered drugs. To achieve a state of total unconsciousness that blocks. All sensations of pain and muscle relaxation.

Best Type of Anesthesia for Laser Liposuction

What's the best type of anesthesia?

The choice of the type of anesthesia in cosmetic surgery is the result of a physical assessment. An analysis of the type. Of surgery to performed, the duration of the intervention.
The complexity of the structures to addressed or mobilized. And the indications of the anesthesiologist, who will work with the surgeon.
Develop the safest and most appropriate procedure for each patient. No type of anesthesia is better than another. And there is the anesthesia that adapts to the person’s state. Of health and the intervention to performed.
For lipo laser treatment, local anesthesia is usually. Used in the area to be treated, so it is minimally invasive. Surgery that favors the absence of marks or scars on the skin since the suture is minimal.
We recommend you consult this type of data very well with a professional. You can investigate separately. But you should let a specialist study your medical case and decide which is better and less risky for you.
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