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Unknown Laser Fat Removal Facts

Many times, the information we find on the internet is not as concrete as we expect. But, for that, we have this great blog, where we try to answer all the patient’s questions. So if you have not yet decided, choose laser liposuction. Continue reading “Unknown Laser Fat Removal Facts”

Personalized study

In any case, it is very necessary before undergoing treatment. The patient passes through a doctor’s office beforehand. Because if there are some medical contraindications. The professional must check the case and decide. If the person is suitable for treatment. As a result, it is so recommended that the person who will be attending us provide a medical history.

It's for everyone.

Many times, we do not know if we are suitable candidates for a procedure. Well, this treatment is ideal for all those people who want to cut localized fat that cannot. Be eliminated with diets or exercise. It is for people who want smooth and soft skin without cellulite.

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Unknown Laser Fat Removal Facts


The recovery time for this treatment is really fast. Depending on the type of skin and the sensitivity of the person. After 24 to 48 hours, the patient will be able to continue his life normally. A slight rest is so recommended during those two days. can perform daily activities that do not need much effort.


Of course not; this procedure is outpatient and of short duration. This means you don’t have to stay in a hospital for observation. This makes the recovery so fast and people can return to their normal lives in a very short time.


This treatment requires local anesthesia. That is, it will only be applied in the area to treated. Thus, it is important that you know that you will be awake during the short procedure. This is thanks to the fact that the surgery is not invasive. This helps prevent the appearance of very large scars on the skin.

Results time

This is one of the pieces of data that most worries people. Most of the time, it is an unknown fact. Well, after 3 months, it will be possible to notice the results of laser lipo. After this time is when the possible bruises and hematomas have disappeared. But, the patient advised taking action after 6 months. It is the moment when the body has fully assimilated all the changes.

Unknown Laser Fat Removal Facts

Unknown Laser Fat Removal Facts

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Unknown Laser Fat Removal Facts

Unknown Laser Fat Removal Facts

Laser lipo on the face and neck?

One of the most frequently asked questions is where in the body the treatment can perform. Well, in all areas of the body. On the face and neck, it is possible. This technique is highly precise, so it is compatible with all parts of the body. One of the most treated areas is the double chin. With laser lipo, the elimination of flaccidity is achieved in a safe and effective way.