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Differences Between Coolsculpting and Cooltech

Medical advances surprise us more every day. The creation of new techniques for fat removal is very common. That is why we must stay informed and know what each of these techniques is. What benefits do they offer? And which is the most suitable for each of us? Thus, today we will talk about the Differences Between Coolsculpting and Cooltech. In Elite Chicago Spa, we have the best treatments. 

What is cooltech

What is Cooltech?

It is a treatment designed to sculpt the figure of the body in a natural way. To achieve this goal, several applicators used. These applicators adapt to each of the body areas. This type of treatment is different because it is part of those that use cold to drop fat cells.
Most of the accessories and implements used in these treatments are. They work at temperatures below 0 degrees. This phenomenon, as we have already mentioned, known as cryopolisis. It is a treatment that combines aesthetics. And the beauty and is painless and non-invasive. helps reduce the body fat index in people.

Differences Between Coolsculpting and Cooltech

How does Cooltech work?

The procedure works through a mechanism of action. That maintained thanks to the vulnerability of adipocytes to temperature changes. This is thanks to that, freezing the adipose tissue. Regulated cell death occurs.
This treatment has the possibility of eliminating subcutaneous fat. In many areas of the body where it is difficult to remove with diet and exercise. This treatment has a high safety profile. It works with an adjustable vacuum applicator. This adjuster acts selectively, encapsulating. The fat tissue inside it and lowering the temperature in a controlled way.

More information about Cooltech

It is a treatment that can perform on most areas of the body. If we talk about the durability of the treatment. This depends entirely on the sessions that carried out. It all depends on the patient’s time.
The average of the sessions is between 1 and 3, with an interval of 6 to 8 weeks. It recommended that each treatment lasts approximately 70 minutes.
One of the most frequently asked questions. About all treatments are whether they are painful.

Keeping in mind that pain is subjective It could. Be said that it is not painful. It is normal for people to suffer minor discomfort from the cold. And already among the results, they could be visible after 20 days after the treatment, all as a process. Recovery and results are critical.

Differences Between Coolsculpting and Cooltech

Differences with Coolsculpting

When it comes to shaping a body without surgery. It is very important to know that new methods that have many advantages are emerging every day. like Coolsculpting and Cooltech. The difference between these treatments is small. The first is that they both use cold to remove fat cells. But they have different costs and different methods of application. Sometimes Cooltech has a lower price. Andbesidesn, you can treat two areas at the same time.

coolsculpting and cooltech