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Coolsculpting Treatment Step by Step

Coolsculpting Treatment Step by Step

Many times we are shown the results of the Coolsculpting treatment but not the process. It is important to know it in order to have confidence in it and apply it. Here we will explain the Coolsculpting Treatment Step by Step. Continue reading.

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#1 Observation and objectives

The professional must make an evaluation of the treatment areas. Next, set, together with the patient, the objectives to reach with the treatment.

#2 Gel application

Before starting the treatment, the professional must put on a membrane. This is specially designed for Cryolipolysis. It adheres to the skin and allows the applicator to have a better grip. In addition, this special fabric is impregnated with anti-freeze gel. As a result, it gives additional protection of the outermost layers of the skin.

#3 Applicator and suction

Now, the practitioner must place the applicator in the proper position for the area to treat. It starts with suction. The applicator creates a vacuum that attracts and holds the fatty tissue.

#4 Freezing process

Then, for a few minutes, side plates apply cold at a temperature of -8°, depending on the program chosen. It is normal for the area to feel numb, but there is no sensation of discomfort. The usual treatment lasts about 60 minutes. During this treatment, patients usually relax by reading.

#5 The results

After treatment, the crystallized fat cells will be slowly eliminated. The body will do this through the urine over the following weeks and months. The remaining cells will reorganize, decreasing the thickness of the fat layer. Finally, improves the appearance of the treated areas, and your beauty will grow.

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Coolsculpting Treatment Step by Step Conclusion

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