Laserlipo Procedure By Body Part

Laserlipo Procedure By Body Part

Many times we are shown the results of the Laser Liposuction treatment but not the process. It is important to know it in order to have confidence in it and apply it. Here, we will explain the Laserlipo procedure by body part. Continue reading.

Laserlipo procedure

This is a simple procedure. After applying local anesthesia, the doctor makes a small incision. This, is to introduce the optical fiber. Meanwhile, the optical fiber in contact with the fatty tissue produces liquefaction of the fat. Next, a fine cannula aspirates the fat.
At the same time, the laser produces a coagulating effect in the small vessels. As a result, it prevents bleeding and hematomas. In addition, it activates the production of collagen. This causes the skin to contract.
The patient remains awake throughout the procedure and can return home after one hour. The doctor will recommend a compression garment, which the patient wears for about 1 week. The patient can return to work within 48 hours.

Laserlipo for face and neck

Facial aging produces changes in the middle and lower thirds of the face. One of the causes of these changes is the decrease and redistribution of fat. This fat displacement deforms the face and produce the following signs of aging:
  • Double chin or double chin
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial fold
  • Facial sagging (cheeks)
  • Facial flaccidity.

Description of the procedure:

  1. Klein-type local anesthesia infiltration.
  2. The doctor makes a very small incision through which he introduces the optical fiber. The fiber optic comes in contact with the fat, melting it.
  3. The melted fat removes with a thinner than usual liposuction cannula.
  4. The physician reintroduces the fiber optic to heat the tissues and the skin contracts.
laser liposuction by body part

Laserlipo for arms

lipolaser by parts of body
Flaccidity, loss of definition, and localized fat are the main aesthetic problems of the arms. The Laser Fat Reduction technique allows treating these imperfections in a single session.
  • Causes of aesthetic problems of the arms.
  • Aging.
  • Cellular metabolism decreases with age.
  • The generation of collagen and elastin fibers.
  • This produces, by supporting the skin and binding it to the underlying tissues, reduce.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Loss of elasticity is a symptom of the alterations that menopause causes in the skin.
  • Weight gain.
  • The skin of the arms becomes deformed when the accumulation of fat is greater than it can sustain.

Description of the procedure:

It performs under local tumescent anesthesia, Klein type. This solution provides an optimal level of vasoconstriction to reduce bleeding.

  1. The doctor makes a small incision at the level of one of the folds of the armpits, to introduce the optical fiber. In contact with the adipose tissue, it generates the liquefaction of the fat.
  2. In some cases, it is necessary to make another incision, also very small, in one of the folds of the elbow.
  3. The melted fat aspiration does with a fine cannula 2 mm thick.
  4. The water in the elastic fibers and interstitial tissues is heated. The result is the coagulation and the reorganization of collagen, which produce skin contraction.
  5. Once the procedure ends, the doctor places a compressive bandage on the treated area.
  6. Hospitalization is not necessary, so the patient returns home the same day of the treatment. Recovery time is 2 days.

Laserlipo for buttocks

The buttocks play an important role in female beauty. In most cases, exercise and diet are not enough to keep them firm.
Localized fat accumulation:
  • Around the buttocks
  • Under the gluteal fold (gluteal banana)
  • Cellulite
  • Flaccidity

Description of the procedure

  1. The doctor infiltrates the local tumescent anesthesia Klein type.
  2. The doctor makes an incision of about 3 mm, to introduce the optical fiber. This comes into contact with the fat and begins to melt it.
  3. A thinner than usual liposuction cannula introduce in, to aspirate the melted fat.
  4. The doctor introduces the fiberoptic fiber again to produce the skin contraction effect.
  5. The patient remains awake at all times and can return home 1 hour after the procedure. The doctor will recommend wearing a compression garment for 7 days. The patient can return to work within 48 hours.

Laserlipo Procedure By Body Part Conclusion

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