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Facts After Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a fat reduction treatment that allows body sculpting by freezing fat tissue. Here are some facts after Coolsculpting that you should know before applying this treatment.

Facts Before and After Coolsculpting

Patients are instructed to discontinue taking anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin, anticoagulants and fish oil supplements as part of the body’s preparation before undergoing Coolsculpting Chicago treatment.

In general there is no prior preparation, however, it is appropriate that they are healthy people, not overweight, as some may confuse this procedure as a solution to lose weight when it is a treatment to sculpt your body.

Afterwards, the patient can lead a normal life and return to his or her activities immediately, no mediation is required.

As the weeks go by, the patient will observe the changes, achieving a size reduction between 2cm and 3cm, this will depend on the density of the adipose accumulation of each person. 4 months later, the results are observed in a more precise way.

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What to expect after Coolsculpting treatment?

In addition to some effects such as redness, swelling and some pain in the area, once these have diminished over the days the patient will begin to see the results, product of the gradual elimination of fat cells that have been frozen.

After 3 weeks part of the results can be seen, and after 3-4 months the final result will be completely visible, where several centimeters of volume can be reduced in the treated area.

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Are the results of Coolsculpting permanent?

Effectively. Coolsculpting treatment has been FDA clinically proven and guarantees effective and permanent results. The fat cells frozen and subsequently eliminated, do not return. Therefore, the fat reduction and consequently the reduction of centimeters is permanent.

It is important that the patient continues with a healthy lifestyle and exercises regularly to keep fit.

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