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Trending Fat Removal Treatments of 2022

Fat removal is no longer a problem. We have many aesthetic alternatives that help us drop localized fat. That is very difficult to remove. Thanks to technological advances, aesthetic clinics offer many options. So if you haven’t decided yet, keep reading Trending Fat Removal Treatments of 2022. So that this summer, you look your best.

Laser liposuction

We have, in the first place, one of the most chosen options by people. Laser liposuction is known as the best alternative to liposuction. This is a treatment that removes fat in a non-surgical way. It uses the heat of the laser to liquefy the fat cells.

The procedure works to reduce fat in specific parts of the body. It breaks down fat cells and thus reduces fatty tissue in the body. Another goal of treatment is It is to smooth and tighten the skin in specific areas.

Lipo Laser

Among the most outstanding benefits of this option is that. Compared to traditional liposuction. It requires a few days of rest and recovery. This option gives patients the possibility. To continue with their daily activities much more quickly.

Laser Fat Removal Chicago

Trending Fat Removal Treatments of 2022


This is one of the most chosen options. This non-surgical and non-invasive treatment alternative. Is one of the best alternatives that you can consider for this summer. As we have already mentioned in another post. The technical name of the treatment is cryopolisis. This is the scientific way of calling. The localized fat removal technique by freezing fat cells.


This procedure was made possible by scientists’. Discoveries that fat cells are much more sensitive to cold than the rest of the body. So the Coolsculpting equipment. Is designed for the elimination of fat cells in localized areas. The great advantage of this treatment is that it is completely painless. And requires no recovery time. If you want to have a personal schedule, call now and visit Elite Chicago Spa 

Ultrasonic Cavitation

This option is also a treatment that is not painful. It is an alternative to reducing localized fat. This is thanks to the vibration of a device. By exposed in the desired area, which most of the time is the abdomen. The molecules placed in resonance. Generating microbubbles that end up re-breaking the fatty structure. Thus, it is possible to achieve a modeling structure of the body. Contour and, best of all, the elimination of cellulite.

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Trending Fat Removal Treatments of 2022


Carboxytherapy is a technique for reducing fatty tissue by applying carbon dioxide. This dose delivered through a very fine needle connected to equipment. That controls the flow of gas and the injection time.

This component can activate circulation and enhance the oxidation of muscle fat. This makes it one of the most effective treatments. It requires no recovery time, and the results are incredible.