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How does massage therapy work?

Therapeutic massage can relieve pain! Relaxing painful muscles, tendons and relieving stress and anxiety are some of the many benefits. So, why wait? Learn more about how does massage therapy work.

A relaxation massage in chicago is a must due to the stress. And here is why. Massage causes physiological changes in your body through the relaxation and mechanical responses.

how does massage therapy work


The relaxation response

This is an involuntary, yet predictable response of the nervous system. Also, the relaxation response seems to increase the level of serotonin. This chemical in the body positively affects emotions. Then, it is pretty obvious that we all need a deep tissue massage in chicago.


The mechanical responses

These are physical effects that occur in the body. Also, the physical manipulation in massage has two effects:

Improving Circulation

It is no secret that massages improve blood and lymph circulation. This is probably due to the physical manipulation of soft tissue and partly to the chemicals released. Improved circulation can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells. As cellular health improves, tissues function more efficiently. And more efficient functioning leads to the removal of waste products. Also, this may increase the absorption of excess fluids and reduce swelling in tissues.

Relaxing Tissue

Massage therapy relaxes muscle tissue, which reduces painful contractions and spasms. Also, it can reduce nerve compression. When muscles are relaxed, the nerves are no longer compressed. And they operate more efficiently.

Touching the skin or applying pressure relaxes muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This can lead to deep tissues finding a better alignment and balance.

Organs can also benefit from massage. This is because they share neurological pain pathways with muscles and nerves. Thus, a good massage can improve symptoms associated with the functioning of the organs and muscles. It is the best of it all!


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