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History and Evolution of Laser Liposuction

Liposuction is the most popular medical cosmetic procedure in the United States and Europe. At Spa in Chicago, we offer you the best options for your procedures. Here you can find out about all the characteristics of each of them. Do not hesitate to contact us. Read all about the history and evolution of laser liposuction.


In 1965, we started talking about liposuction. In those years, the procedures done with long and complicated instruments. During those years, it was quite painful. During the 70’s and 80’s, these procedures caused a lot of blood and fluid loss, even deaths. Also, the recovery time was very long.
The first medical advance in this procedure was the replacement of a scalpel. With a cannula, which produced more effective results. Then, during the 1980s, the “wet anesthesia” technique was implemented. This helped reduce blood loss and the need for painkillers.

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Learn about the history and evolution of laser liposuction

The most significant advance occurred in the 2000s. We started talking about laser liposuction. This gave an improvement in eliminating fat cells. This is thanks to the fact that the cells are immediately eliminated by the laser. The cannula used to remove fat cells is so sized.
The good thing about this treatment is that it is much less invasive. It generates less pain and the recovery time is shorter. Thus, when it began to implement in aesthetic clinics, it was a really good option. People preferred to pay more to have a safer procedure, without pain, and with a shorter recovery time.


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Who can take it?

A large part of the population may be suitable for this treatment. But it is important to mention that it is not for everyone. This treatment is not intended to replace a healthy lifestyle. You cannot have the best body by undergoing laser liposuction. To be a suitable candidate, you must prove that you lead a healthy life. because you have to keep it.
Only a professional can determine if you are suitable for these types of procedures. So do not hesitate to go to medical consultations. Be well informed of all possible options and make a decision.

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Possible results

The results of this procedure are amazing. You will be able to see changes from the first week. Thanks to the fact that the treatment is not invasive, Swelling is minimal, so results can seen faster.
since this technique began to implemented. There have been no issues with the quality of fat removal and the end results. The results of this procedure are almost perfect. Thanks to the fact that the laser applied evenly in all the treated areas, There is no guesswork as with most liposuction techniques.
So don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to assist you and give you the best advice.
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