You are currently viewing Liposuction alternatives: Do fat-reduction devices work?

Liposuction alternatives: Do fat-reduction devices work?

Liposuction alternatives: Do fat-reduction devices work?

Different body contouring and fat removal techniques are promoted as liposuction alternatives. Or non-invasive body contouring techniques. Although these techniques do not involve surgery. They generally do not produce results as significant as those achieved with liposuction. But can be safer.

Wave devices as Liposuction alternatives

Most newer techniques target body fat using energy. Usually delivered in heat or cold, it damages and reduce fat cells. 

The following are examples of non-surgical methods of reducing body fat:
  • Exposure to cold (cryolipolysis): CoolSculpting
  • Sound waves (high-intensity focused ultrasound)
  • Light waves (low-level laser)
  • Radio waves (radio frequency)
  • Heat waves (laser liposuction)

Alternatives to liposuction are not for weight loss

Alternatives to liposuction are not intended for obese people. But instead, for people who are of average weight and generally fit. Those who still have some specific areas of fat that diet and exercise have not eliminated. These techniques may also be an option if you cannot undergo liposuction. That’s because you have a condition that could complicate the surgery. Keep in mind that results vary depending on the individual and the technique used. Several treatment sessions may be needed, and complications may occur.

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CoolSculpting as a liposuction alternatives 

At our medical spa in Chicago, our most popular procedure is Coolsculpting Chicago. This is a simple and painless treatment. It requires about 30-45 minutes and no downtime for patients. So if you are searching for the best coolsculpting in Chicago, Elite Chicago Spa has you covered. Our latest technology in body contouring has provided over 5,000 satisfied treatments.

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Fat reduction alternatives of liposuction

Laser Liposuction is a possibility

Also, we offer a very integral treatment and are the best laser liposuction in Chicago. You can take it as a liposuction alternative and also to any invasive treatment that leaves scars in your tissues. This is not like that because uses heatwave technology to remove fatty acids.

Where can I get a Non-surgical treatment for fat removal in Chicago?

If you want to experience non-surgical alternatives to liposuction, talk to our Chicago Medical Spa. In the meantime, we encourage all our patients not to give up on healthy eating and exercise. They are still the best natural way to a healthy weight.
Please contact us and make an appointment o study your case and give you the best procedure. If it’s Chicago Laser Liposuction or a Coolsculpting Chicago IL, it’s your decision.