You are currently viewing See Our Spring 2023 Offers For Body Treatments

See Our Spring 2023 Offers For Body Treatments

See our spring 2023 offers for body treatments

Spring is just around the corner, and that has prompted Elite Chicago Spa to celebrate the change of season in the best way possible! As our spa has kicked off our 2023 Spring Sale promotion, in which the price of many of the most sought after aesthetic treatments on the market have been significantly reduced for a few days.

All offers will remain available until June 21st, and in our case we have prepared a selection of the best discounts you can find in each of our treatments. See our spring 2023 offers for body treatments 

20% OFF all Mesotherapy, Radio Frequency, & Fat Reduction Packages!

See Our Spring 2023 Offers For Body Treatments

See our Spring 2023 offers for body treatments

Firstly, slimming treatments are treatments that help you reduce the volume of the areas of the body that accumulate more localized fat. Diet and exercise help to lose weight, but sometimes they are not enough to reduce the abdomen.

This is where body slimming treatments play a very important role.


Moreover, CoolSculpting Chicago is the only alternative to Liposuction, a non-surgical treatment to eliminate localized fat with Coolsculpting in Chicago can get rid of stubborn fat through controlled cooling. It freezes, destroys and eliminates fat cells naturally.

If you want to have more information about this treatment visit their main page, here you will find all the necessary information about Coolsculpting.

$130 Back Facials & Yoni Facials

See our Spring 2023 offers for body treatments

In the same way, a back facial is a treatment that consists of deep cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. Our back facial cleanses and renews the back of your skin. It is an effective way to achieve glowing, smooth skin in areas that can be more difficult to reach and consistently care for.

10% OFF Yoni Steam & Food Detox Packages

See our Spring 2023 offers for body treatments

Yoni Steams are preparations taken in steams. This ancient practice aids in the natural cleansing process of your female reproductive system. It opens the channels to prevent any blockages, while nourishing and toning our uterus. Among all the benefits we will discover, it is a great tool to calm the nervous system and some of the vital organs from the inside out. Since we have many nerve endings in the uterus, which is essential during these stressful modern times.

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$175 Winter Recovery Facial with a Free 10 Min. Pressure Point Massage

See Our Spring 2023 Offers For Body Treatments

See our Spring 2023 offers for body treatments

Spring is here! And with it the time to renew the closet, put away the winter coats, gloves, scarves… With the change of season it is also time to pay special attention to our skin and provide it with the care it needs after the winter and prepare it properly for the months of good weather and higher temperatures.

Of course, keep in mind that, after winter, the skin usually looks tired, gray, weakened and dull. Do you want your skin to look like this in spring? I’m sure your answer is no. In that case you should take advantage of our spring 2023 offers for body treatments!

15% off all Microneedle with peel packages

See Our Spring 2023 Offers For Body Treatments

See our Spring 2023 offers for body treatments

Undoubtedly, Microneedling technique uses the skin’s natural healing process to increase collagen and elastin production. To achieve this, we perform micropunctures to generate micro-injuries. In this way, the skin understands that it has been injured and puts into action the self-repair mechanisms. Cells regenerate and increase collagen production.

15% off select Eminence skin products

See Our Spring 2023 Offers For Body Treatments

See our Spring 2023 offers for body treatments

At Elite Chicago Spa we want to celebrate, in a very special way, the arrival of spring. For this day we propose a series of plans that will make you feel happy, relaxed and beautiful, those who want to enjoy in our Chicago Coolsculpting Clinic center our spring 2023 offers for body treatments.

Without doubt, Elite Chicago Spa is the ideal place to treat yourself (or let them treat you) to a moment of peace, relaxation and pleasure. It is a place where you can recover from the stresses of work or home: relax in our spa with detox therapies, facials, fat reduction and self care. Spend a couple of hours and disconnect from stress and routine, and recharge your batteries in any of our centers.

Apart from this option of health and relaxation, from Elite Chicago Spa we suggest you to improve your quality of life by shaping your figure with our Chicago Coolsculpting deals, this treatment is perfect to feel renewed and relieved. Eliminate localized adiposity, shape the silhouette and correct imperfections in the body contour is possible in a safe and effective way with Coolsculpting near me.

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