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3 Superfoods Excellent For Weight Loss

3 Superfoods Excellent For Weight Loss

Fat accumulation is a problem that, in addition to affecting the figure, is an indicator of cardiovascular risk. The healthy measurement of the abdominal contour is that which is less than half the height. If this measurement is higher, the risk of cardiovascular disorders is greater. Here is a list of 3 superfoods beneficial for weight loss, that you should know. Keep reading!


Grapefruit has become the star food of many diets. Both for its satiating power (90% of its content is water) and for some of the nutrients it contains. Which helps reduce insulin levels, the hormone responsible for controlling fat storage. Its calories are lower than those of other citrus fruits, such as oranges (with 32% more calories), tangerines (25% more), or lemons (23%). Which has encouraged the consumption of this fruit among people seeking to lose weight. It is also a source of vitamin C, fiber, and calcium.

Grapefruit superfoods

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almonds superfoods


This food is a vitamin B2 that contributes to maintaining the skin and reducing tiredness and fatigue. It also contains high amounts of magnesium, fiber, and vitamin E. It is also a highly recommended nut for people with hypertension. Its sodium content is shallow (always, of course, in its natural version).
A study of overweight and obese people found that those who ate almonds (a quarter of a cup). A low-calorie diet instead of any food loaded with carbohydrates lost weight faster. The same research revealed that those who ate nuts for 24 weeks lost 62% more weight than those who did not.
For almonds to help you lose weight and not the other way around. In addition, eating a small portion before going to the gym is ideal. Another study published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that you could burn more fat and carbohydrates during workouts.


Even the United Nations (UN) has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses. It was time to recognize the health benefits of including legumes in our regular diet. High in protein and fiber, they are also rich in minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc) and B vitamins. In addition, have a low-fat content and no cholesterol. That’s why we recognize them as superfoods.
A study by the University of Manitoba (Canada) assured that eating them regularly can help control obesity. “They have several important health contributions. They help manage blood sugar, so they are supportive in terms of cholesterol and diabetes.”
In addition, other research published in ‘The British Journal of Nutrition’ showed that eating 200-gram pulses a week is more effective at reducing belly. And waste fatter than cutting our diet by 500 calories daily.
legumes superfood

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Superfoods: Conclusion

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