Ultrasonic Cavitation Most Common Questions

This treatment that we use to reduce accumulated fat has been well known in recent years. Many people in the world want to try to improve their physical appearance. There are many questions, there are many options. But the most important thing. Is that before performing any treatment that helps reduce fat? You must have complete information. So read on to learn about Ultrasonic Cavitation Most Common Questions.

1. What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Cavitation, as such, is a physical phenomenon that generated by variations. In the pressure of a liquid caused by a sound source. These pressure variations can act on gas microbubbles. They are present in liquids and organic tissues. Increasing their dimensions and causing them to implode. 
The removed implosion has the capacity to generate a high-energy shock wave. Which is capable of causing the destruction of the adipocyte membrane.
When the adipocyte emptied, all its content remains in the extracellular. Medium and the body must take care of eliminating and evacuating it. In other words, this explanation applies to the functioning of our bodies. Which manages to drop fat in a natural way.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Most Common Questions

2. What is the goal of treatment?

The main aim of the treatment is to reshape the body by eliminating localized fat. Also, it proposed to drop skin imperfections such as cellulite. 

A major problem for many people. This treatment is really complete.

3. What results are there?

This treatment offers the possibility of guaranteeing personalized results. With the objectives that each person wishes. This happens thanks to the fact that emissions. Such as the pulsed treatment, can program to the needs of each person. 
In this way, incredible results are obtained about cellulite and localized fat. The elasticity of the tissues improved; they become more compact and smooth.
Cavitation results

4. How long is the session?

This depends on how intense each patient wants their treatment to be. But in general, the session lasts around 40 minutes. 

In those minutes, the professionals in charge can distribute the time. Among various work areas.

5. For how long are the results visible?

One of the factors that worries us the most is time, so this is one of the most frequently asked questions. When doing any fat-reducing treatment. Well, in this case, The results are from the second session. When emptying the adipocyte, all its content remains in the extracellular environment. 

And the body must take care of eliminating and evacuating it. The purpose is to try to achieve fast and effective results. That is why these sessions must complemented with drainage therapies. This depends on each patient. The continuity of the therapies will reflected in the results.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Most Common Questions

6. How many sessions are needed?

As the goal of each person is different, this data is not exact. This depends on the importance and the amount of time that each person can give to the treatment. But in the big picture, They can be from 6 to 12 sessions. with a frequency of 1 to 2 weekly sessions.

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