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What were the trendiest cosmetic procedures of 2020?

In 2020 it was a time that taught us to renew and update ourselves. It was a time to take some time for ourselves and our people. So we had the opportunity to indulge ourselves a little. One of the ways we were able to spend time on ourselves was through non-surgical aesthetic procedures. But what were the cosmetic procedures of 2020? 

Cosmetic Trends of 2020

Lip fillers

Lip Fillers Chicago was one of the most sought after procedures of this past 2020. Clients are looking to enhance and define their lip contours by making them more striking and provocative. In addition, this treatment helps to improve the face in a significant way. This is a custom procedure. That is to say, it is completely personalized. Lip augmentation continues to gain popularity this year. Specialists study the anatomy of the lip and mouth area in order to include fillers effectively and according to each person’s physiognomy.


The purpose of Coolsculpting Chicago is to remove the accumulation of fat that is so difficult to remove. This procedure helps you shape your body without having to undergo surgery. The advantages of this procedure is that it does not require surgeries or rest times. Coolsculpting Chicago will also continue to gain popularity because of its many benefits.

Laser hair removal

And who doesn’t like to have smooth and delicate skin, free of ugly and annoying hair? Actually, we all love having a baby’s skin. That’s why Laser Hair Removal Chicago treatments are so popular. This is one of the ways to get a general hair removal without pain. This treatment promises and offers multiple benefits to anyone who applies it. 


Goodbye wrinkles! With the passage of time, stress, sun, pollutants and even genetics, helps wrinkles to appear. Wrinkles can be static. These do not change with gestures and remain at all times. On the other hand, dynamic wrinkles happen when the muscle contracts and the skin that accompanies it also contracts. Both types of wrinkles appear gradually and inevitably. This is when BOTOX appears! 2020 brought us the  Best Botox Chicago, a simple, effective, minimally invasive and risk-free treatment.  Botox Chicago produces a micro relaxation of the muscle. This causes the skin to relax as well, and during the time the muscle is relaxed, expression lines disappear. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Experts recommend the use of Botox with the appearance of the first wrinkles. Treated patients tend to delay the appearance of new expression lines much more than those who have never used this substance.


Another treatment that set the trend this past year and will continue to be talked about in 2021 are microneedling. These have nutrient-rich additives that bring significant progress to the skin. It is ideal for hands, body, face and scalp. The benefits are incredible. It minimizes pore size, stimulates new hair growth and collagen production. Besides, It improves flaccidity and the appearance of stretch marks. It reduces acne and scars, rejuvenates, tightens and lifts.One of the characteristics of these treatments is that they are minimally invasive. People can resume their activity and routine without problems. The 2020’s brought us surprises in different areas. In short, Cosmetic procedures especially those that do not require surgery were and will be a trend throughout the year 2021. The best thing is that if you wish to undergo any of these procedures, you can return to your routine immediately. That is to say, you will not need long recovery times. I visited the best medical spa in Chicago and received advice about what you so desire. Begin the year rejuvenated.