Beauty rituals that are vital while quarantined

Beauty rituals that are vital while quarantined

Taking care of ourselves—our skin, our hair, our bodies—can be a key indicator of mental health. If there’s a chance to slow down and to help ourselves feel and even look better in the midst of all that’s been lost, that’s a chance worth taking. So, keep on reading to learn more about beauty rituals that are vital while quarantined.


No Make-up Days

So often we are wearing makeup and not giving our skin a chance to breathe and be in its natural state. We highly suggest setting up 3-5 make-up free days during the week. Even better if you do it as much as you can, maybe if you don’t have many online meeetings.


Stop Damaging Your Hair

Stop using your hairdryer, flat iron, and curling wand. Give your hair a chance to rest. You’re probably continually doing things that will damage your hair and heat is the number one evil-doer. Let your hair go natural; it will thank you when this is all over. If you’re concerned about your crazy looks, try using a scarf or wear a hat.


Use Masks (Hair, Face, Hand, Feet)

Beauty masks have become so popular. However, we’re all so busy that we keep forgetting to make time for ourselves. Well, now is the time. Add it to your morning, afternoon, or evening routine. You can order masks for your skin type and feel like you’re spending the day at your favorite medical spa!


Get your Beauty Sleep

Getting sleep helps maintain your looks, stress levels, and overall health. Some tips for sleeping: try getting some physical activity if you can during the day, meditate right before bed and go easy on the caffeine.



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