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Pressotherapy in Chicago

Pressotherapy for your health is a medical and beauty treatment. Its main purpose  is to perform lymphatic drainage.

This treatment fights cellulite and improves the return circulation, relievingvenous disorder problems.

Pressotherapy is painless and non-invasive

How does it work?

Pressotherapy works with a special ‘blanket’ that cover the legs and buttocks completely. Alternating pressure is exerted from the feet to the hip. This is when lymphatic drainage occurs.

The secret is to stimulate circulation and eliminating unwanted fat, liquid, and toxins.

Who is it for?

Pressotherapy for your health is ideal for men and women.  In adition, it is ideal to solve both circulatory and aesthetic problems.

Besides, in recent years, this procedure has gained popularity among athletes because it helps relieving heaviness sensation in the legs.

Moreover, pressotherapy is highly recommended for people who have had a surgical operation.

Benefits of Pressotherapy in Chicago 

  • Improves the condition of flaccid skin without muscle tone.
  • Treats fluid retention.
  • Treats edema and lymphedema.
  • Stimulates the circulatory system.
  • Eliminates toxins and fats from the body.

How long does each session take?

Generally, pressotherapy sessions usually last 20 or 30 minutes.

How much does Pressotherapy in Chicago cost?

The price of the treatment will depend on the number of sessions. We invite you to contact us to know our plans and prices.

It’s important to know…

There are some cases in which it is not recommended:

  • The patient suffers from Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)
  • You have any infection or wound in the area to be treated
  • There is pain or body numbness
  • In cases of serious heart disease, or if the person carries a pacemaker
  • If you are an oncological patient